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4 Island Trip 

       Upon arrival at Nopparat Thara Pier, you will be greeted by a staff member who will guide you through the check-in process and provide information about your trip. The boat will have a charming captain and crew member ready to assist you throughout the journey. As you board the boat, you'll find a healthy and freshly prepared meal, drinking water, and fresh tropical fruits provided for your enjoyment.

Phra Nang Cave Beach Railay

The first destination on your itinerary is Railay Bay, which is just a short 15 minute boat ride away from the pier. Railay Bay is known for its towering cliffs, hills, and caves adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, all surrounded by crystal-clear waters. Take your time to indulge in the exotic scenery and capture some joyful photos to cherish.

Thale Waek.

After exploring Railay Bay, the next stop is Thale Waek. Usually, the tour includes a stop at Poda Island, but the schedule may vary due to tidal conditions. If the journey coincides with low tide, the captain will take you to Thale Waek first, providing an opportunity to admire its beauty. You can step ashore on this beach, Thale Waek is one of the "Unseen Thailand" locations and witnessing it firsthand is a beautiful experience. Take some time to capture memorable pictures before moving on to the next destination.

Chicken Island
The third location on the tour is Chicken Island, which is a short 10 minute boat ride from Thale Waek. The island derives its name from the rock formations resembling a chicken's head. It is not only a scenic spot but also a popular diving location. If you enjoy free diving or snorkeling, you'll be in heaven exploring the underwater wonders. For those who prefer to stay on the boat, there will be ample opportunities to take photos or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings. Once you've finished your activities at Chicken Island, the adventure continues to the next stop.

Poda Island

The fourth and final location is Poda Island, where you can unwind and indulge in a luxurious picnic. The island features a long stretch of white sand, perfect for enjoying a delicious meal. When booking Krabi voyager seatour luxury longtail boat, you'll be provided with set meal, along with baskets of fruits, drinking water, and cozy colorful linens. The attentive staff and captain will ensure friendly service and can even assist in arranging props for beautiful photos. It's a perfect opportunity to create unforgettable experiences and make the most of your time on the island.

After capturing memorable photos and satisfying your appetite, it will be time to head back to shore. The South Sea cruise with Krabi Voyager Seatour offers a unique opportunity to embrace nature and create lifelong memories. Step aboard the luxury longtail boat and craft new experiences as you sail through the picturesque surroundings. Krabi Voyager Seatour team is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and believes that you won't be disappointed with the adventure they have planned for you

* The program may be subject to change due to the weather,  time spent at each spot and different tide level in each day.


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